(R & D) Reaction Capabilities


     From the outset, our r & d efforts are closely coordinated with our process development team to ensure a smooth launch of the product. Process and Product development are two key attributes which has helped us develop a very healthy product pipeline.

      We have pioneered the technology for making NSAIDs and have created our place in OXICAM category products which are being exported globally. Open part DMF is also available for these APIs.

We are also looking to launch Antidiabetics- Intermediates and APIs which are expected to come out soon.

        With a very strong and focused R & D approach, our  team is confident of contributing strongly towards developing competitive technologies/products and create a healthy product pipeline for the company’s future growth.

        Our team has a working knowledge of Hydrogenation, Bromination, chlorination, esterification, amination, diazotization, and various other chemistries.

        For any new product development or collaboration, we can undertake projects based on mutually agreed timelines and deliverables.